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Name: Magnus H.
Wants To Learn: AP Math      Current Level: High School

Lives In: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Timezone: (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima

Want Free Trial: Yes      Ideal Rating: 4 stars or higher
Approximate Budget: $15 USD per hour

Looking for a math tutor that can help with various topics listed below. The tutor is expected to evaluate the student, and identify if the gaps. Once the gaps are identified, the tutor must help the student master the topics.

1. Logarithm Applications
2. Exponential and Logarithm functions
3. Complex Numbers
4. Functions and their inverses
5. Polynomial functions
6. Modeling with geometry
7. Rational Functions
8. Reasoning with Geometry (Circles)
9. Trigonometric Functions
10. Statistics

Classified Post Date: Wed, Jan 20th, 2021     Expiration Date: Tue, Apr 20th, 2021
Responses To Date: 0-3 responses

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