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Arithmetic, Algebra, Pre-Algebra

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Karachi , Pakistan

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$14.00 U.S.

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(GMT +5:00) Ekaterinburg, Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent

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30 Minutes

I'm the Math Coach who specializes in helping 4 to 6 grader children get top grades and enjoy school. I believe in Enjoyment before learning. I not only teach my students how to play with numbers, but more importantly how to ENJOY calculating so they can regain their confidence in school and regain their self esteem.

To book a free trial session with me, please copy and paste the following in the message box below:

"Hi. I need to request tutoring for my child. Please send me your available time slots."

My one on one coaching with your child takes place on Skype, and is 100% friendly -- I try my best to make your child feel safe and comfortable in my company.

My first Skype session with your child is free of cost, and you can ask them if they want to continue or not. If your child ENJOYS their session with me, then we can proceed!

All the best!

P.S. Subjects like Math and English really affect the self-esteem of your child. If your child is struggling in any of these areas, you need to arrange a good tutor as soon as possible!

I have engaged in teaching since past six years, and have coached students of up to undergrad freshman level to top scores in school. I use multiple strategies to cater to the needs of students facing different situations: I have dealt with those who want to grip their concepts on urgent basis as well as those who want to reach their goals one step at a time.

My desire for teaching blooms from the high level of comprehension which I try to retain in my own academic learning, and thus, I believe that teaching is mainly about coming down to the students' level of thinking and helping them step up bit by bit.

For me, part-time teaching is a truly satisfying experience which I utilize not only to keep track of my background knowledge, but to strengthen my basic skills as an aspiring physicist as well.

BSc in Mechanical Engineering from GIK Institute, Pakistan

I have recently finished my tenure as the Director of Schooling at a local welfare organization where I used my familiarity with student-tutor relationships to take our schooling projects to next level. I am currently looking forward to build a library of visual illustrations for various calculus concepts which I have grasped over time.

When I am not doing anything mentioned above, I am passionately reading scientific articles, volunteering for local schooling initiatives, thinking my life out, listening to lectures and debates on the web, memorizing the Quran, offering ṣalāh, hanging out with friends, watching a good episode, or playing video games.

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