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Hi, my name is Paul and I have been a tutor for over 16 years. I live in the Pennsylvania. I have extensive experience tutoring for the math sections of ACT/SAT tests as well as teaching/tutoring algebra, geometry and general middle and high school level math. I have tutored hundreds of students during this time. By reinforcing their math and reasoning skills and teaching test taking strategies, I have helped so many students increase their test scores considerably and raise their grades in school. I have received many letters of reference and testimonials over the years. The best tutors are those that are not only knowledgeable in their subject areas but who also are able to read students' behavior and can convey information to them in a way they can understand; this comes through years of experience.

My background consists of both BS and MS degrees in Engineering, which I obtained about 25 years ago. During my career, my full time jobs have mostly been in engineering, sales and marketing. However, I am also a New Jersey Certified 6-12 math teacher and also taught math full time at a high school for several years; I also ran the math SAT elective and after school math SAT prep course at one of the most prestigious high schools in central New Jersey. I was also a part time adjunct instructor for a local college. Over the years I have tutored privately as well as for many well known, reputable tutoring agencies in the evenings and on weekends. In addition to my extensive tutoring background, the many years of diverse practical work experience enables me to help students relate to and incorporate knowledge of real world applications into their learning experiences.

My Tutoring Philosophy:
I believe all students have the ability to improve and grow from where they are; however, many just require extra support and guidance to achieve their potentials. I try to challenge my students to reach their goals but at the same time I remain very patient, positive and supportive. I have seen my students make great improvements by remaining positive, confident and just knowing they have prepared fully for their exams. I like to remind them that this is their tutoring session and that I am here to help. If you are interested in one on one SKYPE tutoring, please contact me for more information or a free consultation.

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Paul - Math Tutor


"I have known Paul M For five years. Since 2009, he has tutored my three children in math and SAT Prep. Before meeting Paul, two of my children struggled with math, once they entered seventh grade and began doing pre-algebra. They were getting C's....Paul met with them weekly during the school year and several times over the summer. He managed to help my children receive consistent A's in middle school and throughout high school....Paul also tutored my oldest for SAT prep, and she increased her SAT score by 300 points...As well as being patient and supportive, Paul was also able to challenge my girls and help motivate them in math....The results of his method of teaching speak loud and clear. I would strongly recommend Paul as a math and SAT prep tutor." Maria T- Parent, Hunterdon County, NJ 2014

"Paul we came to you when my son was in 4th marking period in eighth grade. He was averaging a low 70 in Algebra I and had completely lost his confidence. He prepped with you over the summer to be ready to repeat Algebra I in ninth grade. He started Algebra I in high school with confidence which was the complete opposite of middle school. As the marking periods progressed, it was quite clear just how much more confidence he had. He ended up with a 94 for the year in Algebra and scored a 100 on the final exam. We continued our Thursday night appointments with you throughout sophomore year with Geometry...He did so well in Geometry that his teacher recommended him for honors Algebra II junior year.....As you know, he took his first SAT in January. He had a few sessions with you for prep for the math section. His score in math went up 50 points....A BIG THANK YOU for helping him get his confidence back by patiently working with him throughout the years." Lorraine M- Parent, Hunterdon County, NJ 2014

"I have known Mr. M for almost five and one half years while tutoring mathematics. He has been very successful in tutoring for PSATs, SATs, SAT2s in mathematics. He has a very positive outlook, is well organized....He passes along his knowledge and enthusiasm to his students in a very professional manner." Dr. Michael N- Former tutoring colleague, Morris County, NJ 2006

"Paul M has worked with my office , teaching math, for over two years. We are very pleased with this relationship. Paul is an outstanding teacher. Paul is clearly very bright and has a total command of middle and high school math. Perhaps more importantly is his ability to relate to students and his passion to help them achieve their goals.... In addition, to his professional demeanor and dependability, Paul exhibits a nice way of making the material interesting and a sense of humor, all to keep his students engaged and motivated...I wholeheartedly recommend Paul." J. C. - Tutoring Center Director, Somerset County, NJ 2012

"Okay- 620 on Math!!! Paul it paid off and thank you, thank you, thank you." Cindy K- Parent of SAT student, Hunterdon County, NJ 2009

"Dear Mr. M. a weeks ago I received back my May SAT and I am happy to say my math score improved dramatically from my first test. I got a 760, an 80 point jump from my March SAT." David F- SAT math student, Hunterdon County, NJ 2012

"It has been a pleasure to have Paul work with my two high school sophomores. My sons were experiencing difficulty understanding geometry. I have noticed a marked improvement in their grades. Paul is always punctual and flexible..Paul provides an excellent support for the material that is often hastily presented in the classroom. He is friendly and approachable; yet professional and knowledgeable." Dawn G - Parent, Carbon County, PA 2010

"Hi Paul. David and I would be happy to recommend you as a wonderful tutor! You were the only math tutor David really understood and he had been through many."
Mary O- Parent, Morris County, NJ 2010

"Dear Paul, we would like to express our gratitude for being such a wonderful math tutor to our son....Your friendly, patient and very easy to talk to. Together with your knowledge, and being able to translate it into easy to understand math language to an 8th grader, that all made the move into the honors geometry class in high school a smooth transition. You were never rushed and very insightful. We want to thank you for being such a great tutor."
Tom V.H- Parent, Central, NJ 2014

BS and MS Degrees in Engineering
Certified New Jersey Mathematics Teacher
Tutor for over 16 years; both privately and for several well known tutoring organizations

Running, working out, gardening, pets, real estate investing.

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