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I have a PhD in Mathematics from any Ivy League University in the USA. I was a teacher and Head of the Mathematics Department at the Lyceum School in Karachi, Pakistan. I taught AS and A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics (Pure and Statistics) for the CIE examinaion board for 5 years. I was also a visiting professor at Dartmouth College (USA) for one year where I taught Calculus, Differential Equations and Statistics. I have also taught Math1, Math 2, Advance Linear Algebra and Advance Calculus for the University of London's External Degree (B.Sc.) program.

At the Lyceum School the majority of my students (above 70%) received A* or A in their CIE examinations.

The Lyceum School, Karachi, Pakistan
Head of Mathematics Department: January 2010 – August 2014
The Lyceum was established in August 1987 to meet a growing demand for quality Advanced level education. The Lyceum is a co-educational institute, following the British system of education for a two year A' Level programme. I am teaching various mathematics courses at the school. These courses include topics in pure mathematics and statistics. I also teach the Further Mathematics course which includes more advanced level topics for students who are especially good in mathematics. I also head the mathematics department at the school.

Center for Financial Training and Research (CFTR), Karachi, Pakistan Director of Studies – Quantitative Methods: October 2008 – December 2012
CFTR is a privately-owned training and research institute for the Chartered Financial Analyst program, which is a graduate level program for investment professionals. My job is to direct training curriculum and teach courses on mathematics and econometrics as applied to investment strategies. I have developed and taught courses on topics such as The Time Value of Money, Discounted Cash Flow Applications, Statistical Concepts and Market Returns, Probability Concepts, Common Probability Distributions, Sampling and Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Regression, Multiple Regression and Issues in Regression Analysis, and Time-Series Analysis.
The courses focus on training students to deal with practical business development challenges such as using Regression Analysis to extract relationships between the various business units, and using techniques such as Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to make decisions regarding projects that should be pursued for maximum benefit and development for the business.

L’ecole for Advanced Studies, Karachi, Pakistan
Mathematics Lecturer: August 2009 – December 2012
Established in 1998 L‘école is a co-educational institute, following the British system of education for a three year 'O' Level & two year A' Level programme leading to Cambridge University Local Examination Syndicate, UK and LLB and BSc Degrees through the University of London (External Programme). I am teaching the University of London’s BSc courses in Advanced Mathematics for Economics, Advanced Calculus, Abstract Mathematics and Advanced Linear Algebra. Topics include Proofs, Group Theory, Number Theory, Matrices, Vector Spaces, Systems of Linear Equations, Linear Transformations, Complex Matrices, Functions, Linear Approximations, Directional Derivatives and Gradients, Riemann Integrals, Multiple Integration and Laplace Transforms.

Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan
Mathematics Lecturer: May 2011 –May 2011
The Virtual University - an HEC recognized University - is Pakistan’s first University based completely on modern Information and Communication Technologies. It was established by the Government as a public sector, not-for-profit institution in 2002. Using free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the Internet, the Virtual University allows students to follow its rigorous programs regardless of their physical locations. It thus aims at alleviating the lack of capacity in the existing universities while simultaneously tackling the acute shortage of qualified professors in the country. By identifying the top Professors of the country, regardless of their institutional affiliations, and requesting them to develop and deliver hand-crafted courses, the Virtual University aims at providing the very best courses to not only its own students but also to students of all other universities in the country. The Virtual University of Pakistan holds a Federal Charter, making its degrees recognized and accepted all over the country as well as overseas. I was hired to teach the General Mathematics course in 2011. I recorded 45 lectures that cover a broad spectrum of topics in pure mathematics (sets, functions, matrices, trigonometry, complex numbers, sequences and series) and statistics (data representation, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion and probability). The lectures can be viewed at youtube/playlist?list=PLD2B7842D3AB23BAF

Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
Visiting Professor: April 1996 – June 1996
I was hired as a visiting professor of mathematics at Dartmouth College during the summer session of 1996. I taught Differential Equations to Business and Engineering students. Differential Equations is a hard subject to teach and often full professors hesitated to teach it. My student evaluations were excellent and my department average was on par with full-time professors at Dartmouth. I covered areas in general first order and second order differential equations including initial-value problems. I also covered multi-variable partial order differential equations. I kept regular office hours and counseled st

PhD Mathematics

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