Onmatu- General Math Learning Article

Why you should learn math

There are many reasons of why you should learn math, but I believe these are the most important when dealing with the queen of sciences: the first one and the most important is the problem solving skill that mathematics develops in you by practice and practice and practice. This way it will force you to think logically and to solve a lot of problems using that skill, many of them maybe which are not related with numbers, but need strong logic and a step-by-step process to find solutions.      
Do you know that of the 30 fastest growing occupations through 2016, will require substantial mathematics or science preparation? Math is required everywhere, anywhere and every time like in: engineering, medicine, banking and finance sector, business and constructions and the most important use is definitely for "personal day to day work". We are faced with math and science every day of our life and these two encourages critical thinking skills in the 21st century education.
You use math in most any job and without good math skills, it will make it harder to graduate from high school or college. This will make it very difficult to get a good job. What about spending your money wisely? When you are older you will need good math skills in order to make a budget. You use math to make sure you don't spend more money than you have! Or what about cooking? You have to measure ingredients, cut recipes in half, or make a double batch. This all involves math.
Math really is important for your daily life, no matter what you want to do it's true that not everything you learn will be needed later, but you never know what you will want to do, and the more you know and have to build on, the better off you will be. In reality math is the basic language of the world, for everyone uses math in most everything they do (often without realizing it).             
If you are having trouble in math do not wait until you are behind. Seek help or find a tutor. Maybe you are missing a single step and not getting the answer right the first time.  Take a moment to stop and ask for help! This is almost as good as calling 911 for help!

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