Onmatu- General Math Learning Article

What math means in our daily life

       You should tutor math online and real time only if you know about it. You can't afford to teach people bad things or habits especially in the math field. Learning math means to organize better your thoughts, your ideas, your activities, your life.
 Learning math the good way means to solve better and more wisely your problems, to take action step-by-step, each step with its own results, to think cold when dealing with hot problems, to think simple when dealing with tough problems. This is why I tutor math real time and online. I really like it and what I described above is the most important part: do not make the mistake to avoid this when teaching people math. They will realize this and they will give up on you.
       The better you understand and know the math concepts yourself, the better you will explain them to others. The more you exercise the math principles and concepts with exercises and problems, the more you will develop your imagination towards math. The richer the imagination, the better math tutoring process will become. You have a huge responsibility when teaching math, you can make people's life better or worse. All around me I see people complaining about their poor financial state, some of them being broke, some of them borrowing money from banks and friends, some of them buying more than they can earn. All this by ignoring doing some simple math with their money and after that becoming sad because of their situation. Of course money are not the most important thing in our life, but they do give you some confidence and maintain our happiness.
       When tutor people math keep this in mind: as long as it will be a financial system ruled by the money and the world being rules by this financial system, math knowledge will be always welcomed and vital. If you want to defend people's hard-earned money, then you need to teach them good math as well. If you want people to think more clearly, to be more rational about their problems and life, teach them good math. Do it in a responsible way. Let's take in consideration a fact for this: of the 30 fastest growing occupations through 2016, 16 will require substantial mathematics and science preparation. If students choose to ignore Math, or if they not take it seriously in high school, they will destroy many future career opportunities that they could have. More than half of the job market will not be for them. I know that the vast majority of the university degrees require math. The importance of math for the potential future jobs cannot be more highlighted here in a few words.
      You would be wise if you enter university with a good background in math. It is shown from experience that students who come to university with a bad grade in Math (or if they choose to skip math in high school) have difficulties in the disciplines they have chosen to major in. So learn math for your future, for your life. Thank you
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