Onmatu- General Math Learning Article

The power of math

       Well the financial system which rules this world is entirely based on math and from here we get the conclusion that this science of numbers governs fully this financial apparatus and from here again we take the conclusion that math rules the world. And all of this by making a simple logic reasoning. But this is not available just for the money. Can you imagine any industry without math? What about the technology? We so easily forget that so many things have applied math in them, that we are taking all for granted. We don't completely realize and sometimes not at all the importance of this science in our lives.

       We can't imagine our lives now without computers, television, internet, mobile phones and tablets, cars and so on, but they have all applied math in them. Now there is mathematical physics, mathematical biology or bio-mathematics, mathematical genetics, mathematical geology and even mathematical philosophy. But they are so many more. So why bother learning some math? Why bother learning this universal language and the language of the Universe? And the most important question: why bother learning just a small part of it? Why? Well they figured out that too. Statistically speaking people who know math are happier than the others and they live better lives and make better decisions, they have also more chances of being financially independent. Now why?

       Math organizes your mind, helps you make connections between notions, to analyze, to compare, to select, to find the optimal solution in the shortest time possible. Success will come only with hard work on a long-term basis. You need to learn some math first of all for you to survive financially and to remain free. Learn the game of numbers and you will not borrow money from your friends or even worse, get in the hands of the banking or non-banking institutions. But learn the science of numbers also to defend yourself against all kind marketing offers, risky investments, gambling, lottery and so many other money traps which are not what they seem to be. All of them imply pure math, but much more complex and which if you don't handle it then you will be manipulated, tricked and you will lose your hard-earned money. I am not saying this to scare you or something, but this is the truth and I am talking from my own experience as well. The best example for this is the global economic crisis which started at the end of 2008.  

       The beauty of math comes from its purity. It's very precise as a science and everything is a clear notion of an absolute truth. I am not sure if I can say the same thing concerning the other sciences. The best way you can learn math is by solving a lot of problems. This means that if you have an hypothesis and a conclusion, then you need to find a solution, a way to solve the problem by starting with what is given and finishing with what you need to find. Here it comes the research, the imagination, the attempts to find a solution and the process of selecting the optimal one. The intellectual effort of overcoming the obstacles when you solve math problems develops a feeling of deep satisfaction and understanding in you. And this is by far the most important gain when learning this science. These are also the reasons why I tutor math in real life and online through Skype.

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