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The motivation for learning Math II

        Exercise every day if you want to master the Math concepts. This is the healthiest habit you will gain: regularly practice. Once you develop this skill, apply it to everything you want to learn and you will see wonders. But doing that with Math is more difficult than with other stuff so the effort and the struggle will be more intense, but of course more rewarding and in the end a perfect skill. First of all if you understand that almost everything you use is applied Math than you are on the right track. It means that you understand the importance of this science in our lives and what would life be without it. After you think about these things for sure you will have some motivation to start learning it. But motivation can come from many factors and is really good if you have more than one of these factors.

        Anyway when you want to learn a Math concept or solve a problem you just do it. Procrastination is no good for you. I discovered that from my own experience and even now I am exercising the ability to not postpone things I need to do. Actually it is a battle that lasts a lifetime. These days you have many distractions like the Internet and television which can consume a lot of your time and not in a productive manner. The problem is that you have these two big distractions everywhere and you need to learn to moderate your time spent in front of the screens. The screens are not a factor of motivation for you if you want to learn Math, the books will do it for you. In fact the screens will put you down for good, you will not be able to concentrate on doing math problems and exercises, you will not have sufficient energy to think logically and clearly without thinking at some other things in the same time. Do not use the screens when you learn math because you will forget most of it in a very short period of time. And believe me when I say that, I know this from my own experience.

        The screens can be a major draw back for you and is better for you to get used with the books and read and practice from the books, it's healthier and a lot more productive. Sports and healthy food are good for the brain while learning math, but also try to set a goal for yourself: what topics do you want to learn and how much time do you set for that. This is probably the most important thing: the goal. What is your goal? Why do you want to learn math? Make a list with the reasons you want to learn math and with your goal and put that in a place where you can see it everyday. Think about if you can help people with that. Helping people is the most powerful motivation you can get and think about the ways you can do that by using mathematics. I will write down more about this in the next article of mine, in the same series. Thank you

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