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The motivation for learning Math I

        Well for sure you need some kind of motivation to start learning the queen of sciences. And I am talking here about internal motivation. Ask yourself alone this big question: "What goals do you want to achieve by learning Math?" You need to have a main purpose for doing this. Do you think this purpose will improve your future life? Now take a blank piece of paper and think about the situations where the skills you will develop, while you learn math, will help you deal with them. They are not just a few, actually there are so many situations where you need the math thinking that the question that comes now suddenly into your mind is: "Why Didn't I Think of That Before?!". The skills that Math develops in one's person are: analytical thinking, problem solving, logical thinking, critical reasoning, numeracy, assimilating and communicating highly technical information and many more. But these are the most important ones I can think of now.
        Well what is the best way of learning Math and develop these skills? My short answer is this: by pen, paper and the math books. You don't need anything else but the strong interior motivation to succeed. The problem these days is that we have too much technology involved in the process of learning and in the process of education in general. Way too much in my opinion. Watching videos and listening to audios all day long won't help you learn the basic concepts if you don't practice with pen and paper. Yes of course you can search the forums, you can use a lot of scientific and web calculators for doing your work and thinking, you can see what are the steps in solving a problem, but without practicing after similar exercises by your own, then
it is useless. All that matters is how long do you practice every concept after you understood it. To understand a Math concept you can best use the Math book. But if you don't understand that Math concept from the book then you can look for exterior help from the internet like youtube videos, math forums and websites. But after that the practice with pen and paper is the real deal. 
        Now there are also big chances that while learning Math to also go to a public school and have there also Math classes. So another way of mastering the Math concepts is to attend the Math classes. These days I don't know how many of these classes are efficient anymore due to the decreased level of training in the Math science of teachers and also their lack of motivation of doing this
which arises from social and financial reasons. But these two reasons are the main reasons why the Math classes these days aren't going too well. But this is not a reason for you to give up because there are teacher who give their time and passion for the best education. If you don't know such teachers find them. And of course you need a quiet place where you can concentrate and exercise. In the next article we will talk about the skills Math develops and their use in your future life. Thank you.
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