Onmatu- General Math Learning Article

Learn math for a better life

       Recognize that math is everywhere and this is not bad at all! Have you ever thought what means for a science to be used in almost everything? The biggest consequence of this is that if you learn this marvelous science, then you can apply it everywhere for solving your problems in life and from here more chances of succeeding. Everything around us is math whether if you like it or not. You meet the numbers and the relations between them like every day. You must learn to handle the numbers and you don't want to do any mistakes because these will cost you for sure time and money.

       Now let's discuss some simple examples to prove to you this. Every day you probably buy something and you need to know how much money to give and how much to receive back. What about going with your friends at a restaurant, a bar or something for some food or drinks? Usually, but not always, you want to leave a tip which can be between 10% and 20% from the total bill. What about if nobody from the group do know how to find the correct tip or a fair estimation of it ? How would solve this problem if you do want to leave a tip? And if you are young you do often go out with some friends so similar situations like these happen a lot through life so you need to learn how to handle the numbers. But these are basic math skills for solving the basic needs. You usually learn these in the fourth grade so you can say that you already know this stuff so why bother learning more. Now let's talk about something more serious.

       When I am thinking to my financial situation I am thinking to numbers because I know I need to calculate how much money i spend every day on food and stuff so that at the end of the month to not be in debt. Otherwise, I have to borrow money from my friends if I am in urgent need but this is the best case. Think about what math you need to know if you get a credit line from a bank, how many variables you need to take in consideration in order to respect the terms of service from the contractual agreement. How many details you need to analyze and pay attention for if don't want to get robbed by the bank. This is of course in the case you read the contract, but how many of us do that? What way will you take after all being said about these circumstances: the easier way in which you keep under control your spending related with the income you have by doing not very complicated math operations? Or the unpredictable and dangerous way, the risky strategy of borrowing some money from the bank and after that paying all kind of interests and commissions? Do you wish to have your hard-earned money in the hands of the banks without knowing a little math, no matter now if you are borrowing or make some deposits there? It's already known the fact that banks use special math in financial instruments which most of the time are against people's money? Why getting in their hands with your money earned by hard work when with just a little math you can be your own master?

       These are some of the reasons of why I teach math in real life and online through Skype. And when I tutor people I always make time and tell them about these motives because the things have changed and the world has changed dramatically as well. These days you are not learning math just because you have to or for a career or for a job, degree, pleasure or for whatever. You learn it to defend yourself , to make your life easier and without too much pain.  

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