Looking for a math teacher

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Wanted: Skype SAT Math Tutor
Student Lives In: Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong          Student Timezone: (GMT +8:00)
Student Needs:

To progress and achieve good grades in maths. currently i am in 9th grade. looking for someone who can help me in my school work regarding maths. i am a passionate learner with great learning abilities. looking for someone who can teach me twice a week .

Teacher for my kids 12 and 9

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Wanted: Skype Algebra Tutor
Student Lives In: Madrid, Madrid, Spain          Student Timezone: (GMT +1:00 hour)
Student Needs:

I have two boys and I need a tutor who will be able to work with them 3-4 times a week with their math homework. They are smart kids and well behaved. They speak English as they are in the bi-lingual school, but a tutor who also spoke Spanish would be ideal.

College Transfer Student Seeking tutor s...

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Wanted: Skype Pre-Algebra Tutor
Student Lives In: Modesto, California, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -8:00)
Student Needs:

Hello and thank you for reading my Ad. I'm college student who needs to complete four semesters of math in order to transfer to a university and graduate. I am currently enrolled in Pre-Algebra. I'm looking for a friendly, patient, and thoughtful tutor who I can ask f...

I need a tutor for my daughter

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Wanted: Skype Geometry Tutor
Student Lives In: Pompano Beach, Florida, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -5:00)
Student Needs:

I want to help my kid achieve her goals, so that is why I signed up for this she's really struggling so I need more help for my daughter so please help please I need it. I can pay 150 each week for it. Please let me know how many hours I can get with you for that pri...

Algebra tutor for my 15 year old

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Wanted: Skype Algebra Tutor
Student Lives In: New York City, New York, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -5:00)
Student Needs:

I am looking for a tutor for this coming school year for my son who will be going in to his freshman year of high school. We are interested in starting with a tutor in the next few weeks before the school year starts and then continue throughout the year, or maybe thro...

Skype Maths Tutor

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Wanted: Skype Calculus Tutor
Student Lives In: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia          Student Timezone: (GMT +7:00)
Student Needs:

We are looking for a maths tutor that can teach kids up to 18 years old. So anyone with a degree in maths, physics, engineering etc.. will do. No teaching qualification necessary, but tutoring experience would be a big plus. My two children (9,11) have completed their...