Looking for a math tutor for 2nd grader

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Wanted: Skype Arithmetic Tutor
Student Lives In: San jose, California, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -8:00)
Student Needs:

1. Learn Math as fun 2. Some basic principles of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 3. Lot of real world examples 4. Stress free learning and follow with some defined curriculum. 5. Must be able to communicate well in English

Level assesment

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Wanted: Skype Probability Tutor
Student Lives In: San jose, San Jose, Costa Rica          Student Timezone: (GMT -6:00)
Student Needs:

I need help determining my current level. I want to start learning required math for cryptography and other subjects but dont know where to begin given my current knowledge. I havent practiced math since high school and have problems for example understanding mathematic...