Pre-Algebra Math Tutor

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Wanted: Skype Pre-Algebra Tutor
Student Lives In: Havre, Hainaut, Belgium          Student Timezone: (GMT +1:00 hour)
Student Needs:

I am looking for a tutor for my son for Pre-Algebra. The textbook is AoPS Pre-Algebra ISBN 978-1934124215. Any questions he misses, I'd like explained to him weekly or bi-weekly via Skype. And maybe an alternate practice question around that topic of misunderstanding...

high school math and science skype on li...

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Wanted: Skype Algebra Tutor
Student Lives In: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia          Student Timezone: (GMT +10:00)
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Hi, I am looking for a math and science tutor for my high school son through online skype tuition. Every day 1 to 2 hrs MON to FRI between 10;30 AM to 2; 30 PM please contact me to discuss further for the fee payment plan Thanks! vishal

Request for Statistics homework walk-thr...

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Wanted: Skype Statistics Tutor
Student Lives In: Dallas, Texas, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -6:00)
Student Needs:

I have one challenging Statistics problem that I need help understanding. This is graduate-level work. Will send you the problem ahead of our session. Will take approximately 1 hour to walk though the problem. Looking for a tutor with a strong educational backgrou...

Skype math tutor wanted.

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Wanted: Skype Algebra Tutor
Student Lives In: New York, New York, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -5:00)
Student Needs:

I am Tenzin, am college freshmen need some help with algebra as of now. I live in New York, USA. I am basically trying to find a Skype math tutor. I would appreciate if you can post your availability in United States time zone when contacting me. That would be helpful f...

Level assesment

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Wanted: Skype Probability Tutor
Student Lives In: San jose, San Jose, Costa Rica          Student Timezone: (GMT -6:00)
Student Needs:

I need help determining my current level. I want to start learning required math for cryptography and other subjects but dont know where to begin given my current knowledge. I havent practiced math since high school and have problems for example understanding mathematic...

Algebra Tutor Neded

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Wanted: Skype Algebra Tutor
Student Lives In: Los Angeles, California, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -8:00)
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I need an Algebra tutor for my Son,i want him to be taught by you.Phil is 13 yrs old and he can easily catch up. Although, I've arranged with my caregiver that my Son is coming to stay with him for his period of tutoring and he had agreed with me. I want you to email me...