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(GMT -3:00) Brazil, Buenos Aires, Georgetown

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Hi, my names is David, I was born in England and studied Pure Mathematics at The University of Hertfordshire. I studied a lot of very interesting mathematics and I received a FIRST class honours. I then went to Nottingham University where I studied to be a secondary school teacher (PGCE). Directly after that I moved to Argentina where I have lived for the last 8 years, I have been teaching maths for the last 8 years as a private tutor, and I really enjoy the one to one, student teacher dynamic.
I have a passion for mathematics, and I continue to study. I actually have a passion for physics too and am currently studying university level physics and mathematics to continue to improve my knowledge.
Some of the most interesting subjects I studied include Fractal Geometry (my thesis), Cryptography, Quantum computing, Differentiation and Intergration, Set theory, and computational theory.

Although I studied to a high level, I teach all sorts of students, including engineers, computer programmers, maths teachers, doctors, nurses.

As I trained as a High school teacher, I teach a lot of teenagers, which I really enjoy. I like helping people to understand difficult topics, or at least topics that they think are difficult. I present the material in several ways until my students understand the topic.

I also have a passion for education, and have just opened my own mathematics institute here in Argentina.

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