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Miami , USA

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(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima

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I love teaching math and science in a fun, easy and practical way. My students love that I make learning simple, clear and entertaining. I help students obtain higher SAT MATH Scores and earn higher grades because I pass on the love of learning. I have earned a Professional Teacher Certificate that allows me to teach to your learning needs. If you are a visual person, I will develop drawings. If you are an auditory learner I will come up with a rhyme to help you remember things. If you want to feel/touch mathematics we can always create 3D models and conceptualize the topics.
+SAT Test Preparation
+ACT Test Preparation
+High school Entrance Exams
+Trigonometry/ Pre Calculus
+Chemistry (high school or College)
+Algebra I and II
+Honors High School Math
+Cambridge Math
+Life coach
+HW Help (in person or online)

I am a college math professor with 7 years teaching at the University level.
I worked for fortune two fortune 500 companies.
I audited banks, but decided to pursue my passion which is tutoring.

I am a college math professor with 7 years teaching at the University level.
I earned a Masters in Science in Mathematics and Statistics.
I earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration
I have great reviews in Rate my professor and in YELP

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Tai Chi
Dancing (Rhumba, Cha cha cha, salsa, merengue)
Traveling the world ( I visited southEast Asia, Europe and central America.

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